ZenByte – To Study the Self

A brief recorded talk by Jesse Cardin, Sensei, on Dogen’s “The Buddha way is to study the self.”

Plot twist

Life is full of twists and turns and Buddhism has always been concerned with the very real question of how to navigate them.

In Flesh & Blood

The human is fundamentally a joyous animal, reveling in the rush and release of activity and rest, consumption and elimination, equipped from the start with a magnificent capacity for receiving the world’s bounty.

Photo by Byron Young


Life is fundamentally fraught. To open one’s mouth is to invite argument and to make any decision is to risk regret. To take a step in any direction is to put our life – or at least our ego – in danger.

Hands & Eyes

There is a drum playing somewhere and we dance even though we can’t hear it; countless hands pass us along while we sleep.

Unexpectedly ordinary

Enlightenment, delivered right to your door when you least expect it.

The Risk of Becoming Human

Being human changes you. Give it a shot.

The Morning After

When the inconceivability of Everything arrives at your doorstep, interesting things happen if you let it in.

Not Knowing is Most Intimate

Bermuda grass—Cynodon dactylon, also known as dog’s tooth grass, devil’s grass, and wire grass—is fast-growing, aggressive, and very tough.

The Secret Life of Crises

Meditation is not a way to solve or avoid a crisis so much as a path to savor it fully.