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COVID-19 Update: Newsletter March, 2020

“When times of great difficulty visit us, how shall we greet them?” View our coronavirus update newsletter from March, 2020.

Recorded Talks

What is This?

Jesse Cardin, Roshi on receiving dharma transmission and the magic of letting the world come to you.

Recorded Talks

ZenByte – Widening the Embrace

Grief? Regret? Loss? There’s nothing you need to leave out.

Recorded Talks

ZenByte – Which is My True Life?

What is, what was, what could be. SMASH!

Recorded Talks

ZenBytes – Walking Alone at Night

There’s no need to be afraid of the dark.

Recorded Talks

ZenByte – Beyond Artificial Intelligence

A human can be a robot but a robot can’t be a human. Which is more fun?

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