Hands & Eyes

There is a drum playing somewhere and we dance even though we can’t hear it; countless hands pass us along while we sleep.

Unexpectedly ordinary

Enlightenment, delivered right to your door when you least expect it.

The Risk of Becoming Human

Being human changes you. Give it a shot.

The Morning After

When the inconceivability of Everything arrives at your doorstep, interesting things happen if you let it in.

Not Knowing is Most Intimate

Bermuda grass—Cynodon dactylon, also known as dog’s tooth grass, devil’s grass, and wire grass—is fast-growing, aggressive, and very tough.

The Secret Life of Crises

Meditation is not a way to solve or avoid a crisis so much as a path to savor it fully.

“Gremlins point the way” OR “How a car crash saved me from myself”

Things falling apart could be the best possible outcome.

Invisible Crimes

The path to enlightenment can be as simple as being a jerk.

i’m lost.

I just feel the simplicity of my body, no longer an octopus, as it lolls gently, undulating with the deepest currents. I could stay here for a while.

Putting the Universe Back Together

There is an inherent wholeness to things, even in the most fractured situations.