The Secret Life of Crises

Meditation is not a way to solve or avoid a crisis so much as a path to savor it fully.

“Gremlins point the way” OR “How a car crash saved me from myself”

Things falling apart could be the best possible outcome.

Invisible Crimes

The path to enlightenment can be as simple as being a jerk.

i’m lost.

I just feel the simplicity of my body, no longer an octopus, as it lolls gently, undulating with the deepest currents. I could stay here for a while.

Putting the Universe Back Together

There is an inherent wholeness to things, even in the most fractured situations.

Ending Homelessness

Hands are for shaking, no not tying. – Chris Cornell

Falling Together

If we’re not believing our own stories about needing to fix things, we might notice that falling down is not a problem.

Footsteps in the Hallway

Longing is a positive rather than a negative, has a life and a presence all its own, plays second fiddle to none.

That’s a Good Question

Any questions?